I graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and a Bachelor of Education majoring in Art and minoring in Math. I am currently teaching Art at Holy Trinity High School in Fort McMurray, Alberta.

The greatest form of inspiration for me are my photographs. Whenever I travel, I have a lot of excitement for the scenery and architecture I will encounter, mostly because I’ll get to create a painting from the photo. There’s something amazing about being able to create a scene, having been to the actual location. It’s not just any photograph, though. It’s the ones I can see a painting in. It’s the ones that speak to me in some way. Sometimes that means striking detail in a building, or enhanced colours from the rain or sunset, but they always have to have an interesting composition. It might be because of the lines or the colour, but I want my eye to travel endlessly around the canvas.

My goal is to create striking paintings that stand out in more than one aspect. I choose photos with interesting compositions, but then I enhance the colour, I add texture, I focus on the detail or simplify the detail into striking shapes or brushstrokes. I keep clarity on architecture, but blur plant life and people. I want my paintings to be statements, to be eye catching. I want to draw people in, and keep them there.

My paintings are usually landscapes and streetscapes, but I have also painted portraits of people and pets. My signature is vibrant and complex colours, dramatic lighting and dynamic compositions. My prices range from $50 to $1500 depending on size. Commissions are welcome.

Please contact me with any questions or a personal viewing.